ALLIndia National Life Insurance Employees Federation

A Registered Trade Union fought and won a historic battle for betterment of terminated and temporary employees of Life Insurance Corporation Of India - LIC Read more

Mr BNP Shrivastava & Mr Rajesh Nimbalkar

The two great personalities with a common vision for betterment of Terminated And Temporary Employess. Read more

Our Great Leaders

Lets know about our Great Leaders

Hon, Husain Dalwai (MP)


A great and experianced leader of mass with vision

BNP Shrivastava

Vice President

The can do personality with the sprite and wisdome. Experts in labour and industrial law

Rajesh Nimbalkar

General Secretory

Leader of Mass with quality to understand the issues and requirements towards betterment of lebour class.

Madhu Sawant

Working President

Personality with devotion towards upliftment of working class peoples.